Have you ever heard of fun drinks?

Fun drinks are beverages that deliver a flavor like no other and are uniquely made. They are must have drinks and come with a guarantee that I will definitely will be having more than one. Fun drinks are those that I have to share with others as I cannot be selfish on such a wonderful experience.

Coco Arepas

(IMG: Coconut Lemonade. Hella good. Eric molina. Flickr. CCBY 2.0)

It did not take me long after moving to Bogota, Colombia to discover my favorite fun drink. I experienced this drink less than 48 hours from arriving and I can now say without a doubt there is not a week that goes by that I do not order or attempt to blend my own at home. This fun drink is limonada de coco, translated as coconut limeade and is widely known throughout Colombia.

I describe a limonada de coco to my family and friends as a coconut and limeade smoothie. I can even go as far as saying it is a slice of key lime pie in a glass that is chilled and blended to perfection. It delivers a flavor of sweetness that is not comparable to any other fun drinks I have had in the past.

When I go out to eat at any of the local restaurants in Colombia there is no need to open the menu to decide on a beverage, it goes without saying limonada de coco is a #WinningSituation. I can admit that I do try other beverages on the menu but I always, always must close with a limonada de coco.

(IMG: De Pabellón (A-8). Arnold Gatilao. Flickr. CCBY 2.0)

I have ordered and made this drink hundreds of times that I am sure are equivalent to thousands of glasses, and every single time the experience is just as it was when I arrived to Colombia. Limonada de coco brings a whole new meaning to being in love with the coco (too far?)

Arepas de choclo is one of the many types of arepas that are made in Colombia and I am sure they are the most popular. They can best be described as round griddled sweet corn cakes.

Arepas de choclo are made of corn flour or ground corn combined with Colombian quesito and presents a slightly sweet taste cooked over charcoal or a wood–fired grill.

Arepas de choclo is not something to confuse or even compare to cornbread, they are not even made from the same corn meal.

(IMG: Photo credit Nicole Tarazona. Flickr. CCBY 2.0)

Arepas de choclo can be eaten at any time during the day but in Colombia they are most popular during breakfast. Arepas de choclo are sold everywhere in Colombia and are easily accessible. The best place of all is on the street stands located in the local markets.

One can never say or even admit they have been to Colombia if they cannot tell their story of experiencing both limonada de coco and arepa de choclo.

If you visit Colombia and you do not try limonada de coco or arepas de choclo, you will definitely be missing an important part of the Colombian culture.

Los Muchachos

(IMG: Los Muchachos. Arnold Gatilao. Flickr. CCBY 2.0)


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