From Brazilian Favelas to the streets of Brooklyn and over to the front lines of conflict, this issue celebrates identity and community and the many ways they and we interconnect.

What are we? Who are we? What do we stand for? These are all questions we’ve had to ask ourselves over the last year while creating Griots Republic. Take issues surrounding race, ethnicity, gender, nationality and whole host of other identifying markers and layer on a rabid case of wanderlust and you easily begin to realize that things are never just black and white. So let’s dive into the grey.

We gathered urban travelers from different walks of life and asked them for their stories. What we received was a gift. An idea that no matter how far we travel or how complicated our identity is, there is single thread that connects us all… The need for community. So in the spirit of community we bring you Griots Republic, the digital magazine for urban travelers. We look forward to exploring more of our world together, rooting out travelers you want to know and capturing stories you want to hear. In the interim, welcome to our inaugural issue.


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