Welcome family to another awesome issue from Griots Republic, please grab your tickets at the Box Office and quickly take a seat!

In this issue, we catch up with Chloe Arnold who has danced and tapped her way into our hearts with her new show “Syncopated Sisters.” We also visit Toni Simmons from the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival who is currently scheduling 40 plays to be shown in four days starting Oct. 4-7. You’ll want start scheduling that trip now! On our way back, we stop in D.C. to speak with April Reign about starting the movement #OscarsSoWhite and why we should unite together on her new campaign, #NoToConferderate a new HBO show. 

Where do we go next?

Let’s make a stop in Mexico and find out more about how Japanese BUTOH Dance is settling there. Then let’s head to London to see what’s happening at Motown, but of course, we can’t forget to stop in Vienna to talk with Kristin Lewis about her path to Opera ingenue. Tired yet?


Please proceed to the concession stand where we feature Indonesian street food, Kue Pancong. While you wait in line tap your feet to the husky, jazzy tunes of Spanish singer Buika (pronounced BWEE-ka). The show is about to start again, but afterward, you’ll want to stay around and visit producer Kirk A. Moore and choreographer Kyle Abrahams, as they give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of theatre.

There’s so much more to read, see, and listen to. But please head back to your seats in an orderly fashion as the 2nd half of our show is about to start. Thank you for joining us and until next time…remember that Black folk are doing it big, GLOBALLY, in the theatre world.

Be Blessed,

Brian Blake
Media Director


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