Thank you for visiting our site and for reading this month’s issue which centers Accessibility Tourism.

I must admit that last year when the staff threw the idea of doing an issue on handicap travel out there, I had no idea how we would tackle this. As an abled body person, I wasn’t really in tune with how travelers with disabilities travel or even how cities or tour guides navigate these travelers. As we started gathering information and pulling this issue together, I begin realizing how massive the content around Accessibility Tourism is. Add the cultural component of Blackness and honestly, you could create an entire magazine. With that said, I’m not sure that we did this issue justice.  As we dug more, we found more. I mean…I’m reading about Wheelchair Scuba Diving and wondering when I’ll get to see this first hand. I’m also learning that disabilities extend way beyond physical impairments. There’s a lot to cover and as much as we wanted to cover absolutely everything…BUDGETS!

So we’ve made a decision. In this issue, we’ve scratched the surface – a few places to go, how to go, and what cities are doing to make you comfortable while there. You’ll find articles with Useful Air Travel Tips for Wheelchair Users and Travel Apps for Disabled Travelers. You’ll also enjoy articles on how to kick in London in you’re Visually Impaired.  You’ll learn more about what Accessibility Tourism is and how cities like Gdynia, Poland are making their cities easier for travelers with impairments to enjoy themselves.

We’ve also decided to incorporate a new segment on accessibility tourism into our monthly issues going forward. As usual, we want to dig deeper and not only educate disabled people looking to travel but talk to Black handicap travelers doing it and doing it big. So keep an eye out for this new content.

In the interim, we hope that you enjoy this issue and learn something. And if you can think of something or someone we should be covering, then hit us up on social media! (Facebook @GriotsRepublic)

Safe Travels

Brian Blake
GR Archivists


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