As we quickly approach the holidays and close out the year, we wanted to remind you of the warmth and adventure that await you in places across the globe. So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our last destination issue of the year: The Egypt Issue.

Now, let me preface this note by saying that if you’re looking for information on how to visit the pyramids or see the sphinx, you’re not going to find that in this issue. What you will find are deeper looks into Egyptian food culture and Egypt’s artisan legacies like making hookah and paper. This issue is going to take you out of Cairo and show you several off-the-beaten-path locations you’ll want to explore. This issue will also take you under water to explore wreck dives in Egypt.

I’m not sure how this happens, but this issue is also very heavily women-focused. The women in Egypt are doing big things and with articles on a Nubian town ran and occupied by only women and an Egyptian orchestra made up of completely blind women, you should find a lot of inspiration in this issue. Rounding out the women-centered articles is a look at the book “Well read Black Girl” and a dive into the history of the Goddess Isis.

As usual, we hope that you enjoy this issue and as we start to plan 2020 we want to hear from you. Where would you like Griots Republic to go next year or what would you like us to cover? Hit us up on Facebook or leave a comment here!


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Brian Blake
GR Archivists


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