This month we delve into the theme of Global Sports, and while we are currently experiencing some tumultuous times in American sports, we cut right to the heart of the matter to discuss the NFL protests and the global impact. Aside from what’s occurring on the homefront, we know that there are other noteworthy happenings in various sports across the globe and we have some of them at your disposal right here.

Shorter days herald the coming of the winter season, and while some of us are preparing for a long winter’s nap, others are preparing for Black ski season. Now we know someone is asking, “is that a thing?” and we are here to tell you, dear reader, “yes, it is a thing” and Reggie Cummings tells us all about it. We leave the slopes, go left (as we tend to do), and introduce you to Dutch-Surinamese, former seven-time Fly-Weight World Champion kickboxer Ilonka “Killer Queen” Elmont. Believe us; she fights the good fight inside and outside the ring.  

Be sure to check out our interview with marathon runner Lisa Davis. Lisa is not just your average runner. She holds records on seven continents. That’s all of them right? We also chat with Nigerian-born Tokini Ibikuro Bilaye-Benibo who is not only an award-winning bodybuilder but a beauty queen in her own right.

Griots Republic travels back in time a bit to pay homage to Isaac Burns Murphy (1861-1896). Murphy, an African-American Hall of Fame jockey, was considered one of the greatest riders in American Thoroughbred horse racing history. Speaking of history, if you were around in the 70s and 80s, you might remember watching Roller Derby on television, and while some may think it is a thing of the past, we have the Black Girls of Roller Derby and guess what, they are still at it!

But we have more up our literal sleeves than sports this month. We visit the Kingston Food & Drink Festival. We explore the history of waist beads and look at for the facts.

Safe travels and enjoy,

Rodney Andrew Goode – Archivist


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