“Wine is constant proof that God loves us
and wants us to be happy.”
– Ben Franklin

Most travelers would agree that the allure of any destination is a combination of culture, food, wine, spirits, and nightlife.  The latter 3 go hand in hand and because they are such an integral part of travel, GR explores them for you as only we can.

First, we return to one of our favorite places, the Isle of Japan, to explore their spirits which are certain to be rich in both culture and flavor.  Next, we searched far and wide for a wine, beer, and a distilled spirit that all possess taste, quality and are all created by people of color.  Spoiler alert: Fou-Dre Vodka is simply amazing and created by an even more amazing woman of color.

Without question, the allure of the Caribbean is both, sun and sand but no visit to the island of Jamaica is complete without being welcomed with a glass of Rum Punch.  Frequent contributor, Diane O’Givie explores one of the prominent Rum producers in the Caribean.  Rum is not the only spirit created within the islands.  They also produce another spirit distilled from sugarcane.  Cachaca anyone?  We tarry in islands for a little while longer for Alex K. Barnes to give us the real deal on Mama Juana, a Dominican concoction that islanders claim possesses many benefits, including sexual potency!!  Drink up!

Griots Republic’s favorite bartending phenom Bruce Rivera gives you the skinny on places to drink from all around the world (and if anyone knows, Bruce does).  Finally, we wrap up our view of spirits with a taste of palm wine.

But wait, there’s more!

Our destination this month is located in one our frequently visited regions of the globe, Southeast Asia, and is fondly referred to as the Abode of Peace.  We present for your travel consideration, Brunei, an oil-rich country on the island of Borneo that is a beach lovers dream.  The second installment in our Black Wealth series is here as well and brought to you by, Angel Rich.  This is a good one folks and it’s all wrapped up and blessed with a cover featuring traveler extraordinaire, Nathan Fluellen (a.k.a. World Wide Nate).

There is a lot packed into this edition so, have your flight attendant pour you a nice glass of your favorite libation, buckle up and enjoy your trip.

Safe Journey.

Rodney Andrew Goode


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