We’ve been planning this issue since the beginning of the year. We had our dates down, our bags packed, interviews booked and slowly but surely one issue after another crept up until our entire trip to Haiti was officially cancelled. Like everything else with this magazine, this was a first for us. How do you capture the essence of a country with no boots on the ground?
The answer: through its people. In a worldwind effort to chase down the band on the cover, Lakou Mizik, hire writers, videographers, transcribers, translators and the multitude of people it takes to cultivate 102 solid pages of a country where you don’t speak the language, we learned several things.

First and foremost, we need more friends like Chef Lemaire (#1) who are honest, knowledgeable about concepts like “flavor profiles” and quick to point out the best foods to eat in their home countries. I gained 10 pounds just reading his Q&A. You have been warned. Second thing, we need to up our fashion and wardrobe game! If the folk we talked to are any indication of Haitian style, then we are slacking painfully. Take Gardy Guerrier (#2), for instance. This brother showed up at his shoot so fly that I almost went home and changed. He’s fashionable, whip smart and passionate about sharing Haiti through his lens and you guys will enjoy his profile.

Last, but not least, we learned that although language might be barrier in video production it absolutely does not hamper communication of the spirit. We tracked down Lakou Mizik in Denver and their sound, their story and energy deeply resonated with us. If you have the opportunity to see them in concert, then we recommend going! Overall, we are chalking this issue up as a positive. The truth of the matter is that if we hadn’t gotten the opportunity to listen to these stories or read about this history prior to visiting, our trip to Haiti would have been much different. We now feel enlightened, prepared and excited to see and eat the things covered in this month’s issue.


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