Welcome to our first destinations issue of the year, Japan!

If you ever ask me where a first-time traveler should go, I will always tell you Japan. It’s safe, fun, full of visual stimulation, easy to navigate, and so diametrically different from the United States – culturally – that it’s sure to spark wanderlust in anyone. From Japanese food and tattoos to music and technology, we’ve hopefully filled this issue with enough content to spark an interest in you as well.

Get Black Traveler insights on Japan by reading, “A Blerd Lost in Japan ” or “Myth vs. Reality| What Travelers of Color on Social Media Think About Japan.” If you’re interested in moving to Japan then check out the articles, “Raising a Black Son | How A Move to Japan Revealed Challenges and Lessons” and our EX Files article featuring Dave Collymore. Dave gives a few side hustles foreigners can take up and become successful in Japan. If you’ve been Japan, then we’ve chosen to cover off the beaten path destinations you may want to visit on your trip. On top of all of this, we’ve also published articles on the historical and cultural intermixing between Japanese and Black culture.

As usual, if you’ve enjoyed this issue then please let us know in the comments. You may also be interested in joining us on Facebook (@GriotsRepublic) where the daily conversations are popping! In the interim, thank you for reading and I’ll see you in April.

Travel well,

Davita McKelvey
GR Archivists


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