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It’s finally here! We spent all of 2016 pulling together#BlackTravel: The Anthology and shipments are finally going out today! To those who purchased a book during pre-orders, thank you for both your support and patience. You can expect a little something extra in your boxes. To everyone else, we are excited to announce that Ms. India.Arie has written the foreword for #BlackTravel: The Anthology!

We could not have chosen a better person to partner with in order to represent, not only our truth but our hearts. Celebrities aren’t immune to challenges and beauty that many of us encounter while traveling, but what they do with them, especially when they are artists like India, becomes the soundtrack of our lives. So check out the article on India in this month’s Griots Republic and make sure to get your copy of #BlackTravel: The Anthology to read more about her love/hate relationship with travel.

Although we’re excited about the book and India.Arie, we are equally excited to tell you about our time in Oman. GR took a crew of four to Muscat to shoot and talk to locals and expats for our 1st destination issue of 2017 and we were not disappointed. Thanks to the lovely glitch fares, many of us have traveled to the U.A.E several times, but we never think to take a trip to its neighbor, the Sultanate of Oman. We wanted to remedy that by giving you a taste of Muscat from traditional and pop culture to food and dance. Check out this issue and let us know if it enticed you to take a closer look.

If you follow us on social media, you’ve likely seen our Patreon campaign in the last week. For those who are not familiar with the platform, Patreon is a website we’ve partnered with that allows you to become a patron of Griots Republic. Similar to becoming a patron of the ballet or the theatre, you show your support for the magazine and its content by pledging a nominal amount from $1/month and up.  As a patron you receive behind the scenes content, advanced notices of the covers and upcoming issues, discounts on events and merchandise, as well as the knowledge that you’re literally supporting stories and narratives that need to come to light.

We sincerely hope that you check out the GRIOTS REPUBLIC PATREON page and pledge your support and that you continue to enjoy Griots Republic.





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