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Hands down, the Haiti Issue was our most read and most shared issue thus far! Readers loved reading about Haitian Vodou and the country’s “cursed narrative.” They loved the travelers we profled in this issue and the Haitian destinations our writers talked about. The most common feedback we received was “Wow. I didn’t know about ______.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is music to our ears.

So while we say “goodbye” to our May issue and say “hello” to June, we wanted to say thank you to the contributors who make it happen and to the readers who make it worthwhile. We hope to continue bringing content that you enjoy.


I saw a meme a few weeks ago that said “If you’re dreams don’t scare you, then they’re not big enough.” I immediately started laughing because that’s exactly where we are right now. We have some big plans and our only saving grace is that we are supported by a very active and vocal community of travelers and readers who have become invested in Griots Republic. I’m talking about you, by the way! We’ve created a short survey to capture your opinions and suggestions on the direction of GR and if you have the time, then we’d appreciate you taking it.


So let’s get into this issue…
1. We spoke to expats and travelers from Thailand to Guyana to Zambia and asked them to share their “everyday life” stories with us. The results were heartwarming and we hope that each of you see a little of yourselves in these travelers.
2. If you’ve ever been interested in learning Flamenco in Spain, then this is the place for you.
3. Juneteenth is upon us this month and we’ve mapped out some of the best celebrations around the U.S! Sounds like a road trip to me…
4. This month we headed on down to Houston to capture a few of our traveler profles and let’s just say “people do it big in Texas!”
5. Defnitely check out the special announcement from the team over at Re:Union Music Fest.
6. African-Americans aren’t the only onese celebrating “Freedom” this month. Take a moment to read up on Keti Koti. Enjoy!


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