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It’s been a great ride and we have now reached our final issue for 2019. This year was a fantastic year. We talked about the elements, religions, languages, our elderly travelers, accessibility tourism, Mexico, Japan, Egypt and now we’re into our last issue. There’s no better way to end the year than discussing ‘The Future of Travel.’

In this issue, we explore a few scenarios on what the future of travel looks like. We live in a day and age where climate change, natural disasters, man-made disasters and a host of other issues are on the rise within our plant. There is so much to anticipate with technology at the helm and what once was a challenge is now manageable thru apps and devices as well as so many other things.

So come along as we dive into the Digital Nomads and what the trend Van life is really all about. We will also discover what post-tourism is and why the common hotspots are becoming yesterday’s bucket list. We will also look at how Google’s technology is using virtual reality to help bring Brazil’s favelas to the world giving us a never-before-seen view. We’ll also check out Naked Tourism and see what the “Nakation” hype is all about.

There’s plenty more on the horizon.  So dig in. But give us a chance to take a moment and thank you for your time spent on our site.  Stay tuned as we have a lot in store for 2020. In the interim, we hope that you enjoy this issue and learn something. And if you can think of something or someone we should be covering, then hit us up on social media! (Facebook @GriotsRepublic)

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