Welcome to our kids and parents issue.

Children and parents today are far more tech savvy, and as a result, children are growing up having greater access to activities, language and cultures from across the globe all without having to leave their computer. So in this issue of Griots Republic, we explore the people and places invested in kids and we even throw in a few tips so you parents out there don’t go crazy while exploring too.

First, we speak with professional ice skater, Starr Andrews, about her career and her life growing up. You’ll definitely want to know more about her family life and how everyone pitches in to make their dreams come alive.

We also look at the companies that are creating programs and content for global kids. If you have a reader at home, then peep the article on Callalloo Kids and their awesome books, puppetry and more. If your kid prefers to listen, then  Auntie Mo Kids Radio may be the thing for them. We also meet the new class of youth to join the Passport Party Project!

If kids aren’t in the plan, then we still have something for you too. With articles on the Seychelles, known as the Caribbean of Africa,  The BreakBeat Poets newest book, Black Girl Magic, and a trot through the Smithsonian African Art Museum, we hope to inspire your spring travel plans.


Brian Blake
The Archivist



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