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Spring has sprung and we are definitely here for it. Everything is alive and abuzz at this time of the year, including college campuses across the country, with droves of excited, impressionable, wide-eyed students descending upon them to see just what they have to offer. In this issue, we’ve decided to celebrate college life – HBCU style – while adding a twist of travel knowledge as only GR can. There’s something interesting and inspiring for everyone in this issue, whether you attended an HBCU or not.

IMG: Step Afrika performing at Moataa Village, Samoa. US Embassy. Flickr. CC BY-ND 2.0

We speak to the Founder and CEO of Step Afrika, C. Brian Williams, as he schools us on the rich history and traditions of stepping and how he was inspired to form the world’s first professional dance troupe built around it. We explore the historical ties between HBCUs and the Jewish community, discuss the importance of exposing HBCU students to travel abroad programs and provide you with pointers on what to ask recruiters during those never-ending college tours.

IMG: Palestinian boys practicing the debka. Justin McIntosh. wikicommons. CCBY 2.0

Once you’ve had your fill of HBCU knowledge, grab a cold one & sit back and read about Harlem Brewery, founded by an HBCU alum, as she talks about the roots of craft beer. Then take a trip to the Middle East and learn about Dabke Dance and its significance to the community in which it started. From new global music releases to spring festivals to 5-star resorts in Uganda, we have given you lots to savor here.

So take a pause from your spring break shenanigans and get into this April issue on all things HBCU. And as someone who has had the privilege to experience two of the most prominent HBCUs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it wouldn’t be right to end this without shouting out my “Home by the Sea” HU Davidson Divas (4th Floor Divas!), the class of Ogre Phi Ogre IX (OH PHIII!)  and last but certainly not least my NSU Spartans – BEHOLD!



Alexandra Stewart (Griots Republic Archivist)


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