At the end of the year, we sit and plan four solid destination issues for the upcoming year. Here’s the thing though…when you’re working with intrepid travelers who travel consistently, the question of where to go is far more complicated. If we had our choices, we’d jet off to corners of the earth that rarely get talked about. However, like good archivists, we have to consider our reader’s interests and budgets. So we sit and vote having read through your questions and comments and come up with four choices that represent different parts of the world. Four choices that can be attained by various budgets and four choices that peak our interests.

So here we are in our first destination issue of the year, Belize, and you may be thinking why Belize?

If you listen to your friends or read any blog out there you can either be excited about Belize and all of its possibilities or you can be frightened by crime stats and tales of gang violence. You’ll often find travelers that are so fearful of venturing into the interior, they head directly to the Cayes and never get a chance to experience cities and culture on the mainland. Make no mistake about it, Belize is a diverse country and many of its inhabitants look like the readers of Griots Republic – brown. As such, we understand that it may be easy for some travelers to believe the hype. So with such a diverse and adverse set of opinions, we wanted to see ourselves.

Once landed we headed straight for the East coast of Belize. In Dangriga, the self-proclaimed cultural center of Belize, we wanted to immerse ourselves in Garifuna culture and that we did. Check out articles on learning how to play the drum at the Lebeha Drumming Center, eating Serre and Hudut, and visiting the Sabal Cassava Farm. You’ll also have articles on the Cayes, Punta Rock, Bruckdown and the Jankunu Festival, as well as Belizean wines. In order to cast a wider net, we spoke with author and travel writer, Lebawit Lily Girma. Her book, Moon Belize, is a quintessential guide to all parts of Belize and her interview sheds light on her passion for Belize.

As usual, we’ve peppered this issue with gems from across the travel sphere, not just Belize. From changing seasons to Black Panther the movie and its global impact, we’ve got something for everyone. So dig in and talk to the authors in the comments. More importantly, send us a note and let us know where you’d like us to head.

Travel well,

Davita McKelvey – Archivist



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