Prohibited or restricted by social custom.

Within each culture, there are social norms, and for every person that abides by the rules, there is another that chooses not to. Now, while they may not all be illegal or even immoral, over time, taboos have a way of becoming the societal norm.

We want to take time this month to explore some social taboos from across the globe in a way that only Griots Republic can.

First, it seems that as far as we have come in modern day society, we still have not arrived at the day where crossing cultural boundaries to marry is accepted by most. With that said, we return to China to discuss interracial marriage, where it may be more taboo than anywhere else on the globe. Next, any seasoned traveler knows while traveling abroad, one is always counseled to avoid political conversations, but who would have ever thought that Political Tourism was a thing? Contributing writer Lia Miller explores Taboo Travel. Certainly, sex in one form or another is taboo across the globe, and due to its very nature, bestiality is the most frowned upon. Not afraid to touch any subject, Griots Republic delves into Bestiality Tourism with a little help from Sylvia Roldan and talks Kissing Cousins with Melvin Collier.

From a religious perspective, Santeria has always been a source of fascination and mystery and in the truest sense, has been considered taboo by many; believers or not. This edition has that too.  

We investigate Black Breast Feeding and since we are on the subject, dinner anyone? Well, we found a list of foods that are completely off-limits while traveling. (Not.) After that, let’s see if you can handle stories of what happens after you eat what you’re not supposed to….

What a strange issue we have in store for you, dear traveler.

Safe journey and enjoy the ride,

Rodney Andrew Goode – Archivist



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