Financial Agriculture: Rotating various cultures in the same industry to cultivate different financial crops.


According, when referencing agriculture “crop rotation also helps to battle against the forces of erosion. Rotating crops helps to improve soil stability by alternating between crops with deep roots and those with shallow roots. Pests are also deterred by eliminating their food source on a regular basis.”

Communities must integrate other races, genders, abilities, thought processes, and systems to maintain the most sustainable community infrastructure. Without this integration, resources in siloed communities shrink, lose value, and dissipate. The people become disillusioned by groupthink, ideas lack innovations, and implementation becomes rampant with turmoil.

By rotating the culture, communities develop stronger foundations that can stand the test of time. It allows various flavors of people to establish regulations, policies, buildings, and practices, forming a melting pot of the best solutions. Profit is better generated because it does not rely on one source to succeed and can be produced from many avenues resulting from the cultures rotating.

This process helps to quickly weed out poorly integrated cultural operations with constant exposure from being rotated throughout different communities. Fraud also is much less likely to run wild with multiple styles of checks and balance in place.

Exercising financial agriculture creates financial utopias that bear generous financial fruit.

While group economics is essential to the Black community #BuyBlack – we must also recognize the need to collaborate with others for heightened financial survival, also known as eliminating the wealth gap.

In our current state, it would take the Black community more than 250 years to close the gap. Practicing group economics along with financial agriculture could greatly diminish hat time frame when implemented effectively and without bias.

Like any farmer, if your family has only grown peaches your whole life, it can hard to understand why you also need to grow apples and oranges to produce better peaches. The same can be said here – where you may have only advertised your products in your local Black community, completing neglecting the fact that other races may enjoy your cakes or the possibility of online sales. Perhaps there is even an investor in another state that is looking for a similar company.

Crop rotation makes soil more fertile, requires less fertilizer, controls disease, and reduces the risk of crop failure.

Financial agriculture allows communities to be ripe for innovation, manage budgets with growing surplus, oversee cultural harm, decrease waste, and raise the likelihood of financial success. Communities that exhibit glimpses of this rotation tend to collaborate on projects better, maintain efficient energy use, have low waste rates, are financially solvent and have high education standards

We must exercise financial agriculture, planting fresh financial relationship seeds order to produce better and different financial crops, making our communities more financially fertile.


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