Andromeda’s professional career truly started when she went on tour with Ray Charles as one of his background vocalists, a “Raelette“.  During her time with the Ray Charles Orchestra she was promoted to vocal director and arranger while performing as the lead Raelette.  After working with Mr. Charles, Andromeda was hired as the lead vocalist for the J.C. Hopkins Biggish Band.  Performing from New York to Los Angeles she sang jazz standards and J.C.’s Grammy award-winning original tunes while also acting as “Rose” in his original play “Rose does Rico.“ Andromeda also starred in Woody Allen`s “Murder Mystery Blues” at the Midtown Theater in New York (  Acting, singing, dancing and playing the piano during the show, she received wonderful reviews for this performance.

An international success, Andromeda was featured as the “Queen of the Blues” singing with the Jazz Big Band at Tokyo Disney in Japan for 14 months.   While there, she recorded her debut album “Introducing Andromeda Turre” which got her to the 2008 Grammy awards.  The self-produced album contains four original songs and several jazz classics all arranged by Ms.Turre.  Andromeda took the album on the road and has enjoyed well received tours in China, Croatia, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and many more countries.

Andromeda has formal training in Vocal Performance from Berklee College of Music, Theater from the Boston Conservatory and Dance from Alvin Ailey & Dance Theater of Harlem.  She also studied piano and composition from age 5.  Growing up with Jazz musician parents Steve Turre and Akua Dixon, Andromeda claims most of her musical training from home.

Based in New York City, Andromeda continues to perform both original works and standards with her own group as well as being a featured vocalist with many other bands.  In addition, she works as a vocal coach, songwriter, arranger, producer and performance coach.  With a valid passport, Andromeda continues to take her voice all over the world.



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