“Experiences over things” has been the mating call of millennials across the globe for some time now and of course, businesses are shifting accordingly; especially in the travel sector. At the end of 2016, Airbnb elevated their services by offering “experiences” to guests, and for the past year, travelers have been booking everything from olive picking to hat making and ninja sword fighting. But what about those wanting to experience the good life? If you can rent a castle, then you surely should be able to rent the lifestyle of those who may live in one regularly, right? Answer: Of course! Below, I’ve accumulated FIVE bucket list-worthy experiences for those wanting exposure to the good life.

Rome, Italy

A little over six hours hunting for truffles in and around Bracciano, Italy, an area famous for medieval castles and a volcanic lake, Lake Bracciano…you can’t go wrong here folks. Matter of fact, hire a photographer, grab a quilted vest, hunter rain boots and play this one up. Hell, a cane and pipe may be in order too. I don’t know why though. The dogs, the countryside…..it all just seems so European, epic and Sherlock Holmes-esque. Whatever the case, spending a day learning about and searching for one of the most expensive fungi in the culinary industry, should elevate your status and knowledge base quickly. Bonus: If you’re into stunting on your friends, then do it for the sole purpose of becoming that ass at the table educating everyone on the particulars of rare and expensive edibles.

London, England

From May until the end of June, you can spend a day learning to play polo at the White Waltham Polo Club in the Royal Borough of Windsor in Berkshire, England, approximately one hour outside of London. And yes, you’ve read that right…..”Royal Borough.” White Waltham is a short 20-minute drive from Windsor Castle, and although it is not the famous Guards Polo Club, a horse is a horse, of course of course – especially if you’re a beginner! Now, this experience is listed as being 15 hours long, and I’m honestly praying that that is a typo because I couldn’t imagine being on top of (below, beside, beneath, around…really pick a preposition) any animal for even a third of that time. However, Windsor surely has enough for you to do when you’re not riding atop of your beast, and even better Stonehenge is only an hour away. So make a day of it.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Them: So what did you do while in South America?
You: I learned about Malbec wines from a Sommelier in Buenos Aires.

Let’s be honest; they might not be ready for you. Truth be told, you might not be ready for you either after two hours of wine drinking interspersed with “a bit of walking, a bit of cheese, [and] maybe a little chocolate.” TWO HOURS people! Two hours of tasting notes, cheese pairings, and cuts of meats all while drinking Argentina’s national liquor. Heaven! Drink responsibly and please pour out a lil’ liquor for those of us wishing we were with you.

Bangkok, Thailand

As a tourist in Bangkok, you will likely get scammed into visiting a diamond jeweler at some point anyway; may as well pay to learn something. A two and half hour class on how to grade diamonds taught by rough stone dealers, gem cutters, and diamond brokers in Thailand is definitely luxury adjacent. This tour doesn’t really speak to me. However, like some of you, I have a friend who is constantly “ghetto grading” folks’ jewels behind their back and will cut you if you disagree with her clarity and carat analysis. Now that heffa…I would book this experience for her in a heartbeat. Might even throw in a loupe as a side gift.

San Francisco, California

Listen…this is dope! You will become part of the sailing crew and race in a local regatta aboard ‘USA 76’, one of the challengers in the 2003 America’s Cup. It’s a 2.5-hour package that includes the race, education, lunch, drinks, energy bars and most importantly a life vest. However, please, please, please don’t take your ass out there if you don’t know how to swim or at least float. God forbid something happens and now your family cussing about Griots Republic at your funeral. I can’t have that.

Whether you book through Airbnb or some other provider (No exclusivity here! I’m just a fan. Airbnb didn’t pay for this), then please let us know in the comments. Sharing is caring amongst travelers.


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