A.V. is a lifestyle content creator living in Bed Stuy “Do or DIY” Brooklyn, NY that may have been a 90’s rapper in a previous life. Unfortunately, those musical talents did not transition into this life. Luckily, she developed other skills that resulted in a successful career within the film industry as a set decorator.

Whether it is producing online DIY classes, planning crafty events or developing a community of like minded individuals that love glitter and saw dust she has always had a thing for doing it herself. After experiencing the sudden death of her father, she channeled all of the handy lessons he taught her and created AvDoesWhat.com. No better way to keep his memory alive than developing an entire site dedicated to what they did best, build stuff. What began as a traditional Do-It-Yourself blog quickly grew to into a multi-media lifestyle platform including crafts, recipes, childhood anecdotes, and travel. A.V. is determined to change the face of “DIY,” by encouraging young millennials to realize that life is better when you Do-It-Yourself!

A.V.’s  writing contributions and ambassadorships have increased her overall reach to over 10,000 people worldwide. She is also the co-creator of University of Dope, an exciting thought provoking card game that inspires dope discussions about Hip Hop culture.










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