You’ve made your list and checked it twice. Now on to deciding what gifts to give to the travelers in your life. From luxury to budget-friendly, we have scoured the globe to find the best gifts for the jet-setter crew.


This mask may not be the most stylish accessory on your face, however, wearing it certainly is one of the most beneficial things you can do while soaring in the clouds. Skip the jet lag and dehydrated skin associated with long flights and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to hit the ground running. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils for an in-flight aromatherapy treatment, clear your sinuses, and boost your immune system. For the low price of $65 AUD, this mask is a traveler must have for long-haul flights.

Scratch-off World Map

The perfect gift for the traveler who wants to humblebrag and record epic their jaunts across the globe. This map adds an educational element by featuring 210 flags of the world. Use the scratch-off map to reminisce about past journeys, track your progress, or plan an epic around the world trip. Frame this world map to jazz up any room. Price $27.99

DoTerra Essential Oils

A savvy traveler knows that essential oils are clutch when wandering around the world. Don’t let the fragrances fool you, essential oil may be used to prevent a variety of mishaps while on the go. Say goodbye to Delhi belly, diarrhea, and mosquito bites. Here a few must-have oils that belong in your carry-on. Thank us later. Prices varied.

  • Orange/Wild Orange – fatigue, jet lag
  • Peppermint – fatigue, jet lag, headache, indigestion, nausea
  • Lavender – sunburn, allergies, itching, burns, sleep aid, mosquito repellant
  • Ginger – upset stomach, nausea, digestive issues
  • Oregano – antifungal, parasites, muscle aches, food poisoning
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) – infection, disinfectant, wounds, mosquito repellant
  • Lemon – anxiety, heartburn, disinfectant
  • Eucalyptus – inflammation, pain, respiratory issues, mosquito repellant
  • Thyme – colds, antibacterial, antifungal, dermatitis, respiratory infections

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Fashionable Compression Socks

These are not your grandparent’s compression socks. Fun and whimsical, these socks get the job done and coordinate with your outfit. Don’t let the cuteness fool you, compression socks stimulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to your muscles. Compression socks may be used to prevent cramping, fatigue, swelling, but they also help muscle recovery, spider veins, and circulation issues. These are another must-have for long-haul flights.

Cashmere Travel Wrap

A long-time favorite with travelers who want a bit of luxury while traveling, White + Warren’s Cashmere Wrap doesn’t disappoint. This versatile ultra-soft travel wrap goes the distance to ensure your warmth and comfort. Super-sized and lightweight, the travel wrap can be worn as a scarf, shawl, or used as a blanket. No wonder it’s a favorite with men and women. The wide selection of colors makes this one of the best cashmere wraps on the market. The Cashmere Travel Wrap is the ultimate baecation travel accessory. Price $298

LifeStraw Universal

Give the gift that keeps on giving to the adventure seeker, outdoor lover, or the third world explorer in your life. The Life Straw Adaptable filter kit protects against harmful bacteria, parasites, and chemicals. It also improves the taste of water. This kit includes a replaceable water filter, a narrow and wide cap to fit a variety of water bottles, along with a leak-proof lid. Purchase a Life Straw and another one will be donated to a school child which provides a year of clean water. Price $34.95


Never miss an opportunity to do it for the gram with unlimited global Wi-Fi by the Skyroam Solis. This portable Wi-Fi and charging device gives you access to 4G LTE speeds in over 130 countries. With the ability to connect up to five devices, you can post your favorite pics, get work done, and stay connected to family and friends. Price $149.99

#Black Travel Leather Roll-up

Shameless plug! You know we couldn’t write about the perfect travel gifts without including our very own swag. Watches. Phone Chargers. Computer Cables. Camera Stuff. Make-up Brushes. I mean we could go on and on but basically, you need to get organized and keep your items secure. You may as well do it with a stylish leather roll up.


No list would be complete without listing the gift that every traveler wants…the gift of TRAVEL. That’s right, we haven’t met a traveler who doesn’t want to take another trip. There are many ways to accomplish this; your method can be as minimal or extravagant as your budget allows. Here are a few suggestions: Gift cards to a hotel, hostel or Airbnb, an airline ticket, or miles/points to purchase an airline ticket. Cash is always an option and if your budget is not a concern, why not rock your travelers’ world (pun intended) with an all-expenses-paid luxury trip?


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